Weathering Change

With financial support from Population Action International, Change Mob was able to use the documentary “Weathering Change” to raise the discussion in Brazil about the adversely impacts of Climate Change on women and young girls.

Under the incredible leadership of Marília Moschkovich, the project held screenings of the documentary followed by a debate with expert guests and different groups that directly or indirectly are shaping public polices in different cities of Brazil.

The screenings targeted 3 specific groups, which were:

  • Policymakers – Parliamentarians from Brazil. Deputies, senators, ministries and their working teams. They are the ones in charge of approving and debating laws and state policies at national level.
  • Media – Mainstream media journalists as well as bloggers and social media references.
  • Organized Civil Society – Organized groups of women and young girls, NGOs, members of the Major Group.

Those three constituencies were chosen due to their ability to directly and/or indirectly impact and influence policy making in Brazil.

The project aimed to provide accessible information and foster the public debate on the role of gender and sexual and reproductive rights in the context of climate and environmental changes.

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