OASIS Kaswesha

Oasis Kaswesha was held in the Kariobangi South community in Nairobi, Kenya the “Oasis Game methodology” developed by Elos Institute.

The Oasis game is a six to ten day event that invites a community to design and build in a cooperative way a challenging project chosen by the members of the community to suit their needs. Projects can range from a square, a park, a kindergarten to a cultural center. The game considers a broad definition of the community and involves representatives from different sectors of the society – NGO’s, Government as well as community members from other parts of the city.

In Kariobangi South, myself and my colleague Nduku Mueni (Kenya) facilitated the methodology to enable the Kaswesha Youth Group to build the foundations for a playground and a community library for the kids.

The Game took place between 16 to 20 April 2011.

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