The #VideoGame that can open people´s eyes for #SouthSudan

Nowadays more and more people are into games, specially video games.

But also, a lot of those are filled with violence, shooting, bombs, and people doesn´t really seem to think it´s a problem. But what happens when it becomes reality!?

Or more, what happens when reality takes over the video game?

In an effort to raise awareness of the situation of children in South Sudan, UNICEF embarked on an unusual kind of campaign.

They sent an actor, a film crew and two South Sudanese youth to a major video game convention in Washington, D.C., and we were given a keynote address slot to pitch an exciting new video game to an audience of gaming enthusiasts.

The gamers in the room were real, as were their reactions and the footage that UNICEF captured for this short film.

In 2014, disasters and crises have affected children in many parts of the world. In South Sudan, which only a few years ago celebrated its independence, food crisis and conflict during the past year have had deadly consequences for children.

Raising awareness is just one step toward helping the children of South Sudan, who are living every day in a life-or-death situation, and it is not a game.

Read more about the situation in South Sudan.

It’s about time that people start to DO THE MATH!!!

Finally it seems people are starting to wake up to the huge threat climate change represents to our communities and the world in itself.

But just to help accelerate that process a little bit, is proudly presenting, Do the Math: the Movie.

Coming April 21st: Do the Math: the Movie — a 42 minute film about the growing movement to end fossil fuels.

If you want to find or host an screening near you, check

PS: I’m very proud to work along with so many inspirations at and I’m also very excited I had the opportunity to join the big climate action in DC that is featured in the movie!