How can we grow food in the cities of the 21st century!?

Urban agriculture is nothing new! It has been a reality for decades, starting with the industrialization of Western Europe in the 20th century. Urban agriculture has been also well practiced in poorer economies such as Cuba, where it serves as an important way of self-reliance.

With our global population with over 7billion people, and growing towards 9billion people by 2050. And recognizing that the conventional agriculture methods are currently also generating a big ecological impact on the environment, urban agriculture may very well be one of the key solutions for the 21st century.

Following a video from Roman Gaus, at TEDxZurich sharing the experience with the

As Roman explains, urban agriculture offers the solution to grow potentially enough food in the city to feed its entire population. What’s more, it also creates healthier, wealthier and happier cities, offering consumers with fresh & quality food choices and access to better quality of life.