O mundo que queremos – Pós 2015!

Você é jovem e está interessado nas discussões da Agenda Pós-2015, faça parte da rede de mobilização das juventudes brasileira através do grupo: juventudes2015br+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Post 2015 – Opportunity to shape the world we want!

The MDGs deadline is around the clock, and the debate on what’s next is at full speed! You should also be part of this debate, and help in shaping the Post 2015 agenda!!! Worth checking out the video:

So you can learn more about the role of children  and youth in this process, the importance of ensuring a much stronger rights perspective to the discussion and the goals, as well as to understand the different ways you can get involved!

The debate is only starting and really, it’s crucial that we all join this process and help to build the world we want!

Also super worth checking http://www.worldwewant2015.org/and http://beyond2015.org/ to join the debate!!!

Youth 21: Increasing youth participation in the UN system!

Are you a youth activist or advocate?! Do you think young people should play a greater role in the UN system?! Do you have views on what should be the mandate of the UN SG Special Advisor on Youth issues?! So you got to stay tuned on the Youth 21 Initiative!!!

The UN-HABITAT Urban Youth Fund facebook page will be hosting all the information on the Youth 21 Initiative and will be filled with updates in the lead up to and during the Global Youth 21 – March Meeting in Nairobi (March 15 – 18).

Make sure you are connected with us to find out how you can be involved in this initiative to increase youth engagement in the UN and in democratic governance.

Understanding Rio+20 with Rio+Twenties!


They already produced the Youth Participation Guide for Rio+20 -http://rioplustwenties.org/documents/Participation_Guide_Rio+20_web.pdf

And now they are coming up with the video!

Clearly there is no excuse to not engage in Rio+20!

More info about Rio+Twenties.. check their website http://rioplustwenties.org/

What about the future we can build, if we put our minds to it!?

RIO+20 is approaching.. and everybody is kind of running around trying to figure out what they will do for the Earth Summit!? Everybody wants to be there, to have a voice.. but very little have happened to create coherence and synergy among all those difference projects and initiatives…

It’s a bit sad that we spend so much time, energy and resources talking about things without having a clear understanding of where exactly we want to go.

Also, have you realized that more and more we spend time after time just talking about all the different problems we face in the world ? (Certainly if you read this blog, I have myself spent quite a considerable time writing considerable amount of posts dedicated to highlighting some of those issues…)

But what if, instead of looking at the darkness that our world is on.. we try to look at the opportunities!? What if we decide to focus our energies and our time to explore the little dots of light!? Those little things that are right, and just need more space to grow and spread…

What if we invest our time and energy in the creation of a collective positive vision for our world?! Can you imagine how powerful this could be!?

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/7970557]

If just like me, you feel inspired to invest your passion, your skills and your ideas to build this vision and to shape our future, not only at Rio+20 but much beyond… than… you really should join this conversation! www.futurewewant.org

Eu me declaro, e você?

“Todos nós podemos ser defensores e defensoras dos direitos humanos. Não é uma função profissional. O importante é se preocupar com nossos semelhantes e perceber que todos nós somos titulares de todos os direitos humanos, e nos comprometer a tornar esse sonho em realidade”. (Navi Pillay, Alta Comissária da ONU para os Direitos Humanos)

Vale a pena conhecer mais sobre o projeto: http://www.yomedeclaro.org/pt/inicio/

Quer entender a Rio+20!?

Para entender o presente, é preciso relembrar o passado. Por isso, a aproximadamente sete meses da Conferência das Nações Unidas sobre Desenvolvimento Sustentável (Rio+20), o Centro de Informação das Nações Unidas (UNIC Rio) disponibiliza o documentário “A Cúpula da Terra – Conferência da ONU sobre Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento (1992)”. O filme é uma oportunidade única para entender as negociações, os acontecimentos e as curiosidades do evento marco nas discussões em torno de desenvolvimento sustentável.

Não é só de ideais e reuniões que se faz uma Conferência Global. Por trás da tentativa de se firmar acordos, existem opiniões, gafes, protestos, personalidades e acontecimentos que, em alguns casos, moldam para sempre a história da política e da diplomacia internacional. E, na Cúpula da Terra de 1992, a mais importante conferência sobre o meio ambiente e desenvolvimento já realizada, não seria diferente.

Vale a pena assistir:

And since we are kissing 2011 goodbye..

I guess it’s important to recognize 2011 was also a roller-coaster of events.. good and bad ones.. that left no doubt we are living in a world of contradiction and change… boiling in hot water that will push for transformation.. and that is already shaping our future!

We reached 7 billion residents in our lovely planet earth!!

And yes, we do have the knowledge, and technology to ensure we produce more and better food… and although there is already enough for all… we still have a billion people that go to bed hungry..

We saw inspiring movements of people from around and in all corners the world uniting to claim their freedom and fight for more and better opportunities.. but we also watch the appalling violent responses from “our leaders”.. that decided to quiet people’s voices with violence and fear.

We witness the pain of millions of people, from the conflict in Libya, to the nuclear disaster in Japan and famine at the Horn of Africa.. but we saw an incredible movement of solidarity among people who found innovative ways to help, and worked really hard to alleviate their suffering.

The United Nations was there too.. and well, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has being quite active and vocal on many of those issues… and yes, the UN is changing.. (still needs to change more, of course) but with little steps, such as the recognition of the State of Palestine in UNESCO, you can be sure that change is on its way…

The UN made a little summery of their year.. which I guess is very worth watching:

2011 was definitely a year of changes.. and transformation… and I’m sure 2012 will ever more of a game-change!

Watch this space!

(if you would like a link to the script of the video in pdf, click bellow: http://www.un.org/webcast/pdfs/yir2011.pdf)

The International Day of Universal Human Rights! – How to celebrate!?

[EN] Today (10th of December) is the International Day of Universal Human Rights! A day which was created to celebrate our global community, our common rights regardless of where you were born. Above all, today is a day that was meant to celebrate our diversity, because we would rest assure that regardless of our differences we are all have fundamental rights that should be protected and respected.

Unfortunately that has not being the case yet…

Unfortunately very little people are aware of the The Universal Human Rights Declaration, and the rights agreed upon. Very little people realize, those rights were meant to be about themselves. They fail to realize the Declaration is talking about their rights.

And because of that, on a daily basis, we see or hear about upsetting violations of a series of those rights.. what are we waiting to challenge that?!

If no one takes action, the Universal Human Rights Declaration is nothing but a bunch of words in a paper… we, the people of the world are the ones to make the Declaration a living document, reflected in the way we live our daily lives.

Lets celebrate today’s International Day of Universal Human Rights by educating ourselves more! Learning where the declaration came from, and what are those universal rights we are all beneficiaries of.

Lets not take those rights for granted… and lets no longer accept that those rights are ignored or disrespected… it’s time for us to celebrate our International Day of Universal Human Rights making our commitments matter.

Happy International Day of Universal Human Rights!


[PT] Hoje (10 de Dezembro) é o Dia Internacional dos Direitos Humanos Universais! Um dia criado para celebrar essa nossa comunidade global, os direitos que compartilhamos independentemente de onde nascemos. Acima de tudo, hoje é um dia que era para celebrar a nossa diversidade, porque deveríamos ter a certeza que independentemente das nossas diferenças todos têm seus direitos fundamentais que devem ser protegidos e respeitados.

Infelizmente isso ainda não é o caso…

Infelizmente, pouquíssimas pessoas conhecem a Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos, e os direitos nela presentes. Ainda menos gente entende que esses direitos deveriam ser sobre nós mesmos. A Declaração está falando sobre cada um de nós e nossos direitos.

E talvés, justamente porque ninguém conhece essa tal Declaração, nós presenciamos ou ouvimos diariamente uma série de histórias onde vários destes direitos são violados… o que estamos esperando pra mudar!?

Se ninguém parte para a ação, a Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos nada mais é que um monte de palavras em um papel … nós, os pessoas deste mundo também somos responsáveis por fazer a Declaração um documento vivo, que seja refletido na forma como vivemos nossas vidas diariamente.

Vamos celebrar hoje o Dia Internacional dos Direitos Humanos Universais nos educando mais sobre o assunto! Aprendendo de onde veio esta declaração e quais são os direitos universais que temos direito.

[veja o vídeo acima!]

Chega de achar que esses direitos caíram do céu… e basta também de permitir que estes direitos sejam ignorados… é hora de comemorar o nosso Dia Internacional dos Direitos Humanos Universais tirando essas palavras do papel!

Feliz Dia Internacional dos Direitos Humanos Universais!

World Aids Day and the things we don’t want to talk about!

Today is World Aids Day!

And for that, I want to raise another face of the HIV/AIDs prevention work that most times people don’t really want to talk about!

Check this awesome video made by the Youth Rise network! (http://www.youthrise.org/)