And since we are kissing 2011 goodbye..

I guess it’s important to recognize 2011 was also a roller-coaster of events.. good and bad ones.. that left no doubt we are living in a world of contradiction and change… boiling in hot water that will push for transformation.. and that is already shaping our future!

We reached 7 billion residents in our lovely planet earth!!

And yes, we do have the knowledge, and technology to ensure we produce more and better food… and although there is already enough for all… we still have a billion people that go to bed hungry..

We saw inspiring movements of people from around and in all corners the world uniting to claim their freedom and fight for more and better opportunities.. but we also watch the appalling violent responses from “our leaders”.. that decided to quiet people’s voices with violence and fear.

We witness the pain of millions of people, from the conflict in Libya, to the nuclear disaster in Japan and famine at the Horn of Africa.. but we saw an incredible movement of solidarity among people who found innovative ways to help, and worked really hard to alleviate their suffering.

The United Nations was there too.. and well, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has being quite active and vocal on many of those issues… and yes, the UN is changing.. (still needs to change more, of course) but with little steps, such as the recognition of the State of Palestine in UNESCO, you can be sure that change is on its way…

The UN made a little summery of their year.. which I guess is very worth watching:

2011 was definitely a year of changes.. and transformation… and I’m sure 2012 will ever more of a game-change!

Watch this space!

(if you would like a link to the script of the video in pdf, click bellow:

Ever felt too small to make a difference!?

Watch out for this guy!

Feel inspired?! What are you doing in your neighbourhood?!


Social Media and Transformation

Dando sequencia ao debate que participei ontem no YOUPIX sobre Midias Sociais e seu poder transformador… e as conversas que rolaram com algumas pessoas depois do debate… fiquei pensando bastante e acho que eh importante enfatizar: as redes sociais nao criam revolucoes! Nao mesmo! Elas sao ferramentas… que quando bem utilizadas por diferentes movimentos, ou ate mesmo para criar um movimento podem ter um papel transformador!

Como foi dito ontem,  #hashtags e os virais por si soh, nao adiantam. Eles em si, nao fazem movimentos e nao trazem transformacao. Eh preciso estrategia, um plano concreto de acao!

Sem duvida o Twitter e o Facebook sao incriveis, mas eles nao estao nem proximos de substituir qualquer grupo de pessoas apaixonadas e comprometidas com uma causa, que se uniram para fazer essa tal “transformacao” acontecer!

Um bom exemplo, pode ser a historia do Jeremy Heimans, fundador e CEO da Purpose ( e um dos empreendedores de movimentos mais inspiradores que conheco! Segue o videozinho da sua fala no TEDxTeen (em ingles), que eh um bom exemplo da aplicacao da tecnologia no empoderamento de movimentos transformadores!

Following up on my last post.

Yesterday I spoke at YOUPIX (, the biggest festival of Online Culture held in Brazil. I was one of the panelists on Social Media and its transformative power.  And after the debate and after chatting with people off stage, I still think it’s very crucial to emphasize that social networks do not create revolutions! Not at all! They are tools! When they are used well by different social movements (or used to foster or create new movements), they can play an incredible transformative role.

And that’s why, as said yesterday, #hashtags and viral movies alone don’t do the trick! Online isolated actions do not create movements or bring about change. You need strategy, and a concrete action plan! With no doubts, Twitter and Facebook are incredible but they are not there to replace any group of passionate people committed to a cause, which gathered to bring about change.

A good example is the story of Jeremy Heimans, founder and CEO of Purpose ( He is one of the most inspiring movement entrepreneurs I’ve met! And on his TEDxTeen video, he gives a clear example of how to use tecnology to trigger a transformative movement!