Getting Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Agenda! (DPI in Bonn)

Gender and Sexual Reproductive Rights and Health are definitely in the agenda here at the DPI. I’m at the side-event: “Giving a Voice to Grassroots People – The Fulda-Mosocho Project in Kenya” that is working to prevent Female Genital Mutilation and by preventing FGM is connecting the dots between protecting the planet and giving people the change for a better life.

(You can find more information about the experiences in Fulda-Mosocho Project –

And for those who would like to learn more about the topic, they just shared a UNICEF report called: “The Dynamics of Social Change – Towards abandonment of female genital mutilation/cutting in five African countries.” you can download it at the link:

But if you are still not clear about why sexual and reproductive health and rights are imperative to ensure a real sustainable development, check this article with a very clear economic argument also shared in the session!