CIVICUS World Assembly is on!

The World Assembly is a key global gathering for civil society and governments, donors and business, to engage constructively in finding common solutions to building a more just world. Its a great opportunity to try bringing together traditionally unconnected sectors to engage in dialogue and to seek ways to collaborate more and better!

The key objective of the World Assembly is to address global participatory governance by opening a meeting space for all members, collaborators and friends of the CIVICUS community to work to improve participatory governance and bring grassroots voices to the international level.

Much more than training sessions, the WA actively engages all parts of civil society to work together across sectors in tackling sustainable development and human rights issues.

There are plenty of different plenary sessions, workshops, learning exchanges and this year, there is an incredible team of people working hard to broadcast what’s on through twitter and livestreaming!

You can follow the hashtag: #CivWA

Or through the official website: