People speak up at the Climate Summit – #Climate2014

After one of the most inspiring experiences to march along the 400.000 people strong climate movement in NY city.. and to celebrate every photo, story and testimonial of the more than 2.000 solidarity actions held in over 160 countries over the weekend.

Today, more than 120 world leaders are at the United Nations Headquarters for the Secretary-General’s Climate Summit, to discuss one of the most pressing issues of our times!

Presidents, prime-ministers and all sorts of authorities gathered together to share commitments and pledge to take real action to solve this climate chaos.

But to kick off the debate, and remind all global leaders why we gathered here today, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, from the Marshall Islands along with her beautiful family came to share some wise words filled with inspiration!

This was the message delivered by her today, which knocked all of the people at the General Assembly hall off their chairs, with a long and strong standing ovation!

I just hope that the leaders here will take on the words from Kathy, and deliver real, bold and ambition commitments and will walk the talk!

You can watch the Climate Summit live on & follow the conversation on twitter #climate2014.

Pacific Warrior Day of Action!

We are not drowning, we are fighting!

The warriors of Nukunonu, Tokelau show that they are fighting climate change. They’re not about to give up.

Today, the world had the opportunity to watch and get inspired by warriors from all over the Pacific Islands that got together to fight Climate Change!

While world leaders are talking, and selling out to corporate interests, the Pacific Islanders are watching the water wash their ancestors land away… and they had enough!

350 Fiji Maroroi Vuravura (Protect the Earth) Pacific Warrior Day of Action

They are not drowning without fighting! And the message was clear, and coming from all islands of the Pacific today! (Check some photo highlights of the Day of Action here!)

And it’s super exciting to see that warriors from around the world are coming together and speaking up in solidarity with our Pacific Islanders! Want to know who are the warriors jumping into this fight!?

Check out: And meet the common people, that just like our warriors had enough.. and decided to take on this fight against climate change!

Obviously, I’m also in this fight alongside with the Pacific Warriors!

Fighting alongside #Pacific Warriors against Climate Change.. all the way from Brazil!

Fighting alongside #Pacific Warriors against Climate Change.. all the way from Brazil!

What about you? What are you waiting to join us in this fight?!