Can Coca-Cola bring India and Pakistan together!?

Coca-Cola finds a creative way to connect the people of India and Pakistan.

In March 2013, Coca-Cola set out to break down barriers and create a simple moment of connection between two nations — India and Pakistan. The initiative “Small World Machines” provided a live communications portal between people in India and Pakistan and showed that what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart. The key to engaging with each other through the machines was simple: people in India and Pakistan could complete a task, like touching hands, drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols — together.

When god was a girl!

It’s Mother’s Day!

And while we are all happy celebrating with our lovely mothers around the world! (me too celebrating my luck of having a super mother that loves me and supports me!) I want to take the opportunity to call for some reflection about the role of women in our society when we are not celebrating women or mother’s day!

So, for the next few days I will be dedicating some posts on the issue.. and to kick off the 1st one! I want to question what is the role given to woman in modern organized religion!? Was it always like that!?

Do yourself a little favour, and invest some hours of your day in watching this BBC documentary led by historian Bettany Hughes.

Bettany goes back to the beginning of time and visits the world’s oldest religious site to find startling evidence that women were part of the very birth of organised religion.

She visits a world where goddesses ruled the heavens and earth, and reveals why our ancestors thought of the divine as female. Travelling across the Mediterranean and the Near East, Bettany goes to remote places, where she encounters fearsome goddesses who controlled life and death. And she ends up in modern-day India, where the goddess is still a powerful force for thousands of Hindus.

Immersing herself in the excitement of the Durga Puja festival, Bettany experiences goddess worship first-hand, and finds out what the goddess means to her devotees.

After this, just reflect the role we give to our girls and woman in our societies.. clearly somewhere along the evolutionary line.. something most have definitely gone wrong!

Worth thinking about it!