#Malala, one girl among many! Uma garota entre muitas!

[EN] Today, Malala Yousafzai, is receiving the Nobel Peace Prize 2014, the youngest ever person to receive the award, n recognition of their shared courage and bravery in the struggle for education and children’s rights.

But also today, on International Human Rights Day, Malala issued an open letter to world leaders, asking them to raise their ambition in 2015. ‘This is our chance to commit to do better’, Malala says to world leaders in her letter ‘…I am issuing a call today to urge you to raise your ambition. If the right decisions are made and kept we could see the beginnings of a better future in 2015. A future of “lasts”, rather than half measures.’

The letter in english can be downloaded here: Malala´s letter in english

But also In honour of Malala Yousafzai, Plan International Brazil and more than 40 young girls around the world, reproduced her most famous speech about the education for all girls… so I leave you with a bit of inspiration!

[PT] Hoje, Malala Yousafzai está recebendo o Prêmio Nobel da Paz de 2014, a pessoa mais jovem a receber o prêmio, em reconhecimento a sua coragem e bravura na luta pela garantia do direito a educação de todas as crianças.

Mas foi também hoje, Dia Internacional dos Direitos Humanos, que a Malala enviou uma carta aberta aos líderes mundiais, pedindo que eles aumentem suas ambições para 2015. “ssa é a sua chance de se comprometer a criar um mundo melhor”, disse Malala em sua carta, “…É por isso que peço urgentemente que sejamos mais ambiciosos. Se tomarmos as decisões certas e seguirmos esses objetivos, poderemos ver o início de um futuro melhor em 2015. Um futuro que “perdure”, em vez de ter medidas paliativas”.

Para acessar a carta da Malala em português, baixe: Carta da Malala em Português

E em homenagem à Malala Yousafzai, a Plan Internacional do Brasil e mais de 40 meninas ao redor do mundo reproduziram seu discurso mais famoso pela educação de todas as meninas. Que segue para sua inspiração!

People speak up at the Climate Summit – #Climate2014

After one of the most inspiring experiences to march along the 400.000 people strong climate movement in NY city.. and to celebrate every photo, story and testimonial of the more than 2.000 solidarity actions held in over 160 countries over the weekend.

Today, more than 120 world leaders are at the United Nations Headquarters for the Secretary-General’s Climate Summit, to discuss one of the most pressing issues of our times!

Presidents, prime-ministers and all sorts of authorities gathered together to share commitments and pledge to take real action to solve this climate chaos.

But to kick off the debate, and remind all global leaders why we gathered here today, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, from the Marshall Islands along with her beautiful family came to share some wise words filled with inspiration!

This was the message delivered by her today, which knocked all of the people at the General Assembly hall off their chairs, with a long and strong standing ovation!

I just hope that the leaders here will take on the words from Kathy, and deliver real, bold and ambition commitments and will walk the talk!

You can watch the Climate Summit live on webtv.un.org & follow the conversation on twitter #climate2014.

In the edges of #climatechaos, it’s about time we raise and #disrupt!


[EN] Around the world, people from all paths of life are gathering, organizing and taking the streets to put show global leaders we had enough!

We can no longer afford to passively wait and watch our homes flooding, crops disappearing and natural disasters becoming the norm, while they spend years discussing our future in air-conditioned rooms!

It is time to disrupt! And raise together to demand global leaders for real actions, instead of comforting words.

Check out the People’s Climate March website and learn about actions happening around your hood! And please, do get involved!!!! This is the greatest issue of our lifetimes and it gotta need all and each one of us to disrupt this climate chaos!

If you are not able to get out there, and join the over 2000 actions happening in over 160 countries. You must invest your time in learning more about the issue and informing your friends, your family and your community, a good start is the movie Disruption (by PF Pictures) just launched, which tells the story of the making of the march, as well as the global climate movement! (legendas em português)

[PT] Ao redor do mundo, pessoas de todos os tipos e origens estão se juntando e organizando para tomar as ruas e mostrar para os líderes mundiais que já tivemos o bastante!

Não podemos mais esperar passivamente, assistindo nossas casas inundando, as plantações desaparecendo e os desastres naturais se tornando norma, enquanto eles seguem discutindo por anos em salas com ar condicionado!

Chegou a hora de dar um basta, e nos unir para exigir dos nossos líderes ações reais, e não mais apenas palavras de consolo!

Confira a página das mobilizações globais pelo clima, e conheça mais sobre as diferentes ações que vão rolar perto de você! E sim, por favor, se envolva!!! Esse é o desafio de nossas vidas, e precisamos de todos e cada um de nós para dar um basta nesse caos climático!!!

E se por alguma razão você não puder sair e se somar a uma das mais de 2.000 ações que estão acontecendo em mais de 160 países nesse final de semana. Você deve pelo menos investir seu tempo em aprender mais sobre o assunto, e aproveitar para informar seus amigos, familiares e sua comunidade!

Um ótimo começo é o filme Disruption (da PF Pictures) que acabou de ser lançado, e conta a história da preparação para a marcha de amanhã, assim como da formação deste movimento global pelo clima! Confira o filme com legendas em português acima!


The F***ing Famine is the Real Obscenity

Dear (everyone I know), 

The famine in Somalia could kill 750,000 in the coming months, and tens of thousands have already died. 

The reasons for the famine in the Horn of Africa are complex and solutions are difficult, especially in Somalia, but we can’t lose sight of some simple facts: 

1. 30,000 children have died in just 3 months. Thirty thousand. With over 12 million people at risk. 

2. Famine is not a natural catastrophe – drought doesn’t have to lead to famine. It can be prevented, as we’ve seen in much of Kenya and Ethiopia. 

In the 21st century, it’s an obscenity that people are dying because they can’t get enough food to eat. Every one of those 30,000 children is part of a family – a son, a daughter, sister or brother. We can’t imagine what it must be like to starve to death, but most of us know what it’s like to lose someone we love. 

In November Global Leaders will meet at the Group of 20 (G-20) Summit, and if they want, they have the opportunity to break the cycle of famine and ensure people are hungry no more. Lives are in their hands.

And we need to ensure they keep the promises they’ve made to the 2 billion poor people who depend on farming for their livelihoods.

Please make use of the voice you have — sign the petition http://act.one.org/sign/hungry_no_more/ 
It will make a difference in putting pressure on world leaders to do more to help those in need right now, and live up to promises already made to invest in the things proven to work – early warning systems…irrigation…drought resistant seeds… and of course, peace and security.