#Sexify Mobility… to celebrate the mobility week!

It’s almost Car-Free Day.. and lots of different things are happening around the city..

But particularly to celebrate this mobility week.. I came across this super sexify video promoting public transportation in Sweden!!! (make sure you watch with the english subtitles!)

Obviously this makes a clear point, that awareness raising can (and must!) be fun, engaging and sexy, as much as it is to change the world!

To follow this post, some awesome creative ideas you can also help spreading out there:

Creativity Takes Off!

This year I was very surprised with the very funny Safety Onboard video from Turkish Airlines, featuring some players of Manchester United messing around..

As a very frequent flyer, I was actually quite glad to see the impact of the innovative video.. and how much it catch the attention of everybody in the flight!

But recently, a friend forward me some Safety Onboard videos from Air New Zeland.. who took creativity to a whole new level on their two safety videos:

There is no doubts that the videos keep passengers fully focused on the security features.. and carefully learning the procedures while having some fun…

More than ever it’s clear that creativity is the way to go!!!

A funny way to change behaviour!

66% of the people chose the stairs rather than the scalator!

[PT] Uma forma engracada de mudar o comportamento, com essa experiencia do video 66% das pessoas preferiram usar as escadas ao inves da escada rolante!