Link loving!

Some good/interesting articles, blogs and things I’ve came across… and would hopefully also make you think!

Democracy Is for Amateurs: Why We Need More Citizen Citizens by ERIC LIU

Criador do Occupy Wall Street diz que “a magia acabou”  por Sofia Fernandes, colaboradora da FOLHA

Social Impact Partnerships: Making a Difference by 

Designers don’t always know what’s best by Michael Short

New school system in Sweden is eliminating classrooms entirely by ImpactLab

The Bold Academy – This exclusive life accelerator is like boot camp for real-world superheroes by 

Link Loving!


– Technology is a great tool – but it is people that will change politics

– Designing Is About The Decisions You Make Every Day

– How to start a movement?

– Dotspotting to make city data more legible


– Quem é o consumidor 2.0?

– Matéria sobre o João Felipe Scarpelini publicada no dia 03/07/2011 no jornal ATRIBUNA, texto Bruno Guedes