People speak up at the Climate Summit – #Climate2014

After one of the most inspiring experiences to march along the 400.000 people strong climate movement in NY city.. and to celebrate every photo, story and testimonial of the more than 2.000 solidarity actions held in over 160… Read More

In the edges of #climatechaos, it’s about time we raise and #disrupt!

[EN] Around the world, people from all paths of life are gathering, organizing and taking the streets to put show global leaders we had enough! We can no longer afford to passively wait and watch our homes flooding,… Read More

Cúpula de #Clima chegando chegou a hora de agir! #ClimateSummit

E preparando para a Cúpula de Clima, o mundo está se organizando para um final de semana de mobilizações pelo clima! Para se envolver! And preparing for the Climate Summit, the entire world is organizing the biggest global… Read More

We are all connected!

Excellent video from Greenpeace USA. Indeed, we are all connected. The civil rights movement, LGBTQ movement, labor movement, environmental movement, and other social progress movements all share common goals. It’s time that we understand that our diversity makes us… Read More

Pacific Warrior Day of Action!

Today, the world had the opportunity to watch and get inspired by warriors from all over the Pacific Islands that got together to fight Climate Change! While world leaders are talking, and selling out to corporate interests, the Pacific Islanders… Read More

Festival Clímax – Vamos direto ao ponto?

  Em 26 de novembro, começou mais uma rodada de duas semanas de negociações da ONU sobre mudanças climáticas, a CoP-18, em Doha, no Qatar. Pensando em aproximar as pessoas da temática do aquecimento global, as organizações da… Read More

And since we are kissing 2011 goodbye..

I guess it’s important to recognize 2011 was also a roller-coaster of events.. good and bad ones.. that left no doubt we are living in a world of contradiction and change… boiling in hot water that will push… Read More

3rd Zambian Children’s Climate Conference comes to an end!

Hey guys, As you can see in this photo, I’m extremely happy and excited! I’m just back from one of the most incredible experiences of my life… the 3rd Zambian Children’s Climate Conference that gathered nearly 300 children… Read More

UN Youth High-Level Meeting is on!!!

Hey everyone, Just a quick update.. I know I’ve been away and not keeping this up-to-date.. but things over the last few days have been super hectic. Thanks for the e-mails pushing for me to feel ashamed and… Read More

Climate Science made simple!

Can you believe that it’s 2011 and although all evidences prove Climate Change is happening and is real, there are still a bunch of sceptics making noise and trying to claim it is not… Common guys, get real! As… Read More