WWF walking the talk – greening the leaflet strategy!

It always pissed me off a bit when I get to different environmental conferences that different organizations from around the world come to discuss sustainability and greener futures, but spend a considerable amount of money to print leaflets, flyers and brochures.

And yeah, I know this might be a sensitive issue for some organizations.. there is always a very big debate! I understand that during conference we are always rushing around, and we would have time to simply sit and google the right room where that workshop is happening… and I agree, not everybody has access to computers and is able to download and read through entire publications online.

I get all that, trust me! But I still think we need to be smarter about what we print, and how we go about getting our message out there while respecting our very own sustainable principles!

There are plenty of nice creative ways out there.. and I really think we should be smarter and more daring when it comes to innovate our strategies…

I recently came across a very created action made by WWF and Akció 360 from Hungary, that with support of two volunteers and a single leaflet, were able to reach out to over 250.000 people in a very simple and created way.

There was a volunteer Panda in each side of the stairs, one would give out the leaflet.. the other would collect it back after it was read, and give to the next person… And the process would go on.. and on.. and on…

Check it out:

Of course, the impact of this action was something.

But there are plenty of other innovative ways to be explored still…

Regardless of what’s the way you and your organization decide to go about it.. it’s time we all find the guts to start practicing more of what we preach!

Just do it!

If you are not convinced that Direct Action really works, I think “Just Do It” was made for you!

It’s an intimate documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Emily James, which basically tells the inside story of the UK’s Biggest troublemakers… featuring nothing more than real-life environmental direct action!

As you will be able to see in the documentary that these guys have taken civil disobedience and direct action very seriously – chaining themselves to Parliament, super-gluing themselves to bank trading floors, and attacking coal power stations en-mass, while keeping the good humour and impressing with their creativity!

The movie offers all the behind the scenes which portrait those UK climate activists, and is totally worth watching!

Innovative not only in the content, but also with their approach, Emily and her crew set themselves the challenge of crowdfunding the project, obviously “Just Do It” is the sort of film that needs to be made independently. To do justice to the story they have to tell, they need to be free from the editorial restrictions of a broadcaster.

But crowd funding “Just Do It” means that in order to make this project happen, they really need your help!!!

“So we’ve got to fund the film in a non-traditional way – and so we are asking you, the future audience, to help make this film possible. At Just Do It we are firm believers in the power of crowds to make change happen – together we are stronger, right? So we’re embracing the ‘crowd funding’ and ‘group production’ model. If we all contribute what we can, we have the power to get this film finished and make a real social impact.” – explains the team in their website.

The film, currently in post-production (that means the edit) and is set for release in Summer 2011, so, time to support is NOW!

“We see the activists in our film as ‘agents of intervention’ – people who are willing to put themselves forward, demand change and intervene to prevent runaway climate change.  By supporting us in telling their story to the world, you too can be an agent of intervention. By investing in the film now, you will enable us to make sure it gets finished, which will then inspire a whole new generation of agents who understand that they must intervene when something is just plain wrong.” adds the team.

Not convinced?! check out their website and their blog on http://just-do-it.org.uk/