#Malala, one girl among many! Uma garota entre muitas!

[EN] Today, Malala Yousafzai, is receiving the Nobel Peace Prize 2014, the youngest ever person to receive the award, n recognition of their shared courage and bravery in the struggle for education and children’s rights. But also today, on… Read More

Tell the UN what your priorities for the #Post2015 are!!! #WorldWeWant2015

Have you already told the United Nations what your priorities are for the Post2015 Agenda?!!? Don’t miss out this opportunity to have your voice heard… go to http://www.myworld2015.org/?partner=youthmob and cast your vote!!! ———————————————————————————————————— Você já disse para a ONU quais são suas… Read More

O mundo que queremos – Pós 2015!

Você é jovem e está interessado nas discussões da Agenda Pós-2015, faça parte da rede de mobilização das juventudes brasileira através do grupo: juventudes2015br+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Post 2015 – Opportunity to shape the world we want!

The MDGs deadline is around the clock, and the debate on what’s next is at full speed! You should also be part of this debate, and help in shaping the Post 2015 agenda!!! Worth checking out the video:… Read More

Be or not to be Online (in your mobile!)

More and more we are getting mobile.. that’s a fact! But it seems, that this is not a temporary trend. Neo Labels and Mitsueventure made an incredible research about the Digital Life: Today and Tomorow. Some of the keys… Read More