#Malala, one girl among many! Uma garota entre muitas!

[EN] Today, Malala Yousafzai, is receiving the Nobel Peace Prize 2014, the youngest ever person to receive the award, n recognition of their shared courage and bravery in the struggle for education and children’s rights.

But also today, on International Human Rights Day, Malala issued an open letter to world leaders, asking them to raise their ambition in 2015. ‘This is our chance to commit to do better’, Malala says to world leaders in her letter ‘…I am issuing a call today to urge you to raise your ambition. If the right decisions are made and kept we could see the beginnings of a better future in 2015. A future of “lasts”, rather than half measures.’

The letter in english can be downloaded here: Malala´s letter in english

But also In honour of Malala Yousafzai, Plan International Brazil and more than 40 young girls around the world, reproduced her most famous speech about the education for all girls… so I leave you with a bit of inspiration!

[PT] Hoje, Malala Yousafzai está recebendo o Prêmio Nobel da Paz de 2014, a pessoa mais jovem a receber o prêmio, em reconhecimento a sua coragem e bravura na luta pela garantia do direito a educação de todas as crianças.

Mas foi também hoje, Dia Internacional dos Direitos Humanos, que a Malala enviou uma carta aberta aos líderes mundiais, pedindo que eles aumentem suas ambições para 2015. “ssa é a sua chance de se comprometer a criar um mundo melhor”, disse Malala em sua carta, “…É por isso que peço urgentemente que sejamos mais ambiciosos. Se tomarmos as decisões certas e seguirmos esses objetivos, poderemos ver o início de um futuro melhor em 2015. Um futuro que “perdure”, em vez de ter medidas paliativas”.

Para acessar a carta da Malala em português, baixe: Carta da Malala em Português

E em homenagem à Malala Yousafzai, a Plan Internacional do Brasil e mais de 40 meninas ao redor do mundo reproduziram seu discurso mais famoso pela educação de todas as meninas. Que segue para sua inspiração!

Tell the UN what your priorities for the #Post2015 are!!! #WorldWeWant2015


Have you already told the United Nations what your priorities are for the Post2015 Agenda?!!? Don’t miss out this opportunity to have your voice heard… go to http://www.myworld2015.org/?partner=youthmob and cast your vote!!!


Você já disse para a ONU quais são suas prioridades para o #Pós2015? Não perca a chance de fazer valer sua opinião!http://t.co/9ljx9nyz (agora em Português também!!!!)


¿Le has contado a las Naciones Unidas cuáles son tus prioridades para la Agenda #Post2015? Entra en http://t.co/9ljx9nyz y hazlo ya!


O mundo que queremos – Pós 2015!

Você é jovem e está interessado nas discussões da Agenda Pós-2015, faça parte da rede de mobilização das juventudes brasileira através do grupo: juventudes2015br+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Post 2015 – Opportunity to shape the world we want!

The MDGs deadline is around the clock, and the debate on what’s next is at full speed! You should also be part of this debate, and help in shaping the Post 2015 agenda!!! Worth checking out the video:

So you can learn more about the role of children  and youth in this process, the importance of ensuring a much stronger rights perspective to the discussion and the goals, as well as to understand the different ways you can get involved!

The debate is only starting and really, it’s crucial that we all join this process and help to build the world we want!

Also super worth checking http://www.worldwewant2015.org/and http://beyond2015.org/ to join the debate!!!

Be or not to be Online (in your mobile!)

More and more we are getting mobile.. that’s a fact!

But it seems, that this is not a temporary trend. Neo Labels and Mitsueventure made an incredible research about the Digital Life: Today and Tomorow.

Some of the keys facts and conclusions to know the future of the Internet in 2015.

1- It takes 100 years to have 1 billion fixed lines & only 20 years to reach 5 billion mobile subscriptions.

2- More consumers will access the Internet by mobile devices than by desktop or laptop by 2014.

3- 2015 forecast of annual global mobile data traffic (75 exabytes) is equal to 19.000 million DVDs.

4- Mobile-only Internet population will grow 56-fold up to 788 million by the end of 2015.

5- In 2015 mobile devices will exceed the home PC base installed.

6- 500 million mobile using mobile health Apps in 2015.

7- The TV experience will be more personal and social but less familiar.

8- Traffic generated by 20 homes will be greater than the total world traffic of Internet in 1995.

9- News services in the cloud: “Your Desktop Whenever You Want”.

10- By 2012, it is expected that 500 million people worldwide use their mobiles as metro and bus tickets.

11- It is expected that in 2015 it will exist 2,5 Internet connected devices per inhabitants worldwide.

You can find more facts & conclusions at  http://digitallife.neolabels.com

Research & Script: Inés Leopoldo | http://www.mitsueventure.com
Visual Thinking, Art, Production & Development: Neo Labels Company| http://neolabels.com