At the moment, I am working in some different initiatives which you might want to get involved, or support!


Together with some friends I have started a social enterprise called #ChangeMob ( to empower individuals. We provide training and support to movements, organizations and communities that want to make a difference in the world.

Last year we did some very exciting Advocacy trainings in Peru, which we want to replicate in other corners of the world as well! But currently we are busy with a new Gender project in Brazil, as well as planning a brand new initiative to enable youth and their communities to achieve their right to the city!




I’m currently part of the UN CSD Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) that is trying to ensure the youth and children’s voice throughout the Rio+20 Process (also known as the Earth Summit).

Apart of being a member of the Facilitation Team of the MGCY, I’m part of different Working Groups, at the moment I’m mostly active at the following WGs: Events (Youth Blast – Conference of Youth for Rio+20), Communications, Children Participation, Local Actions, Gender and Fundraising.

And I’m trying to support in the mobilization of Brazilian youth and facilitate their engagement and inclusion in the Rio+20 process.

More info:


Youth 21: Building an Better Architecture to Engage Youth in the UN System

UN-HABITAT was tasked by its Governing Council (GC Res. 23/7) in April 2011 to work together with member states and other UN agencies to enhance youth engagement in the UN system. As a member of the UN Interagency Network on Youth Development with support from the Government of Norway, UN-HABITAT kicked off the Youth 21 Initiative.

You can download the report Youth 21: Building Architecture for Youth Engagement in the UN System and explore 3 different scenarios on how youth can be more meaningfully engaged in governance at the global level, specifically within the UN.

Part of this process has already been achieved, with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon announcing he will appoint an Special Representative on Youth, which was one of the steps of the Youth 21 process!

Currently I’m leading the E-debate with young people from around the world to discuss the Youth 21 report further, and each of its’ scenarios. As well as to discuss further the mandate and profile of the UN Special Representative on Youth.

You can also take part in the e-discussion here:


I’m currently on the panel of judges for the TIC Americas 2012!

The Talent and Innovation Challenges of the Americas (TIC Americas) of the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is a platform of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to create and grow their business ideas. The competition goes beyond the development of a business plan to include support, follow-up, with opportunities for international visibility, networking, and market access.

I’m in charge of the evaluating the projects part of the Eco-Challenge Awards: social or business projects that offer innovative solutions to environmental problems. Eco-Challenge Awards are a joint initiative of YABT and PepsiCo seeking sustainable solutions to meet environmental problems through two Eco-Challenges: (1) Create an environmental culture through your business idea (2) Solve an environmental issue through your business.

For more info:


Unite 4 Climate Zambia

Unite4Climate Zambia is one of UNICEF’s signature child-led advocacy programmes. It partners with young people in all of the country’s nine  provinces to combat climate change and is helping to empower and inspire  thousands of children.

Through media programmes, debates, and advocating for the construction of floating schools in flood-prone areas, Zambia’s young Climate Ambassadors are agents of change.

Reaching 200 climate ambassadors each year and equipping them with the “pay it forward” concept, Unite4Climate Zambia is working to make Zambia and the global community more equitable.

For more information:


Também estou fazendo parte do Movimento #euvotodistrital!

 #euvotodistrital é um movimento de cidadãos brasileiros, ou seja, de pessoas:  trabalhadores, estudantes, empresários, usuários, sociedade, você, todo brasileiro que  sonha por um País melhor e mais justo.

Nosso objetivo é aprovar pelo Congresso a emenda constitucional que torna o voto distrital (voto majoritário uninominal de dois turnos) o sistema eleitoral para eleição de deputados federais, estaduais e vereadores. Nosso prazo: setembro de 2011.

Entra ano, sai ano, sempre escutamos que a política brasileira nunca vai mudar, não é!? Bom, nós do movimento #euvotodistrital não concordamos com isso. Nos unimos para dar o primeiro passo em direção a um Brasil mais democrático. Queremos ser ouvidos com a devida atenção pelos nossos políticos e o voto distrital é o caminho para isto acontecer.

Aproximando a política do povo melhoraremos a qualidade da política brasileira. O voto distrital tem a capacidade de corrigir os defeitos do atual e sistema e possibilitar uma democracia mais participativa onde o cidadão é ouvido, fiscaliza e assim combate a corrupção.

O movimento #euvotodistrital pertence a cada um de nós. Você tem o poder de se unir e lutar pelos seus interesses. Compartilhe o #euvotodistrital com seus amigos, parentes, vizinhos, colegas de trabalho etc.. Assine, participe das discussões, mobilize. Juntos sonhamos e realizamos a mudança que queremos.

NOSSA META: Conseguir 1.000.000 de assinaturas até setembro, para mostrar aos político a mudança que o Brasil quer.

Para maiores infos:


 TEDx Jovem @ Ibira (São Paulo, Brasil)

Tive o prazer de fazer parte da incrível equipe que está organizando o TEDx Jovem no Parque do Ibirapuera em Sampa,  que estará acontecendo dia 10 de dezembro de 2011.

Mais informações: ou


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with the Government of Indonesia organized its Tunza International Children & Youth Conference on the Environment, from September 27th to October 1st 2011.

I was part of the Steering Committee organizing the Conference, and particularly worked on the Capacity Building aspect of Conference, that brought together 1400 children and youth from over 100 countries.

During the Conference, participants discussed their role and inputs to the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development ” Rio+20″. Under the slogan “Reshaping Our future through A Green Economy and Sustainable Lifestyle”.

The conference also reviewed the contribution of youth to the International Year of Forests and how they can adopt more environment-friendly lifestyles. The conference themes are Rio + 20 (Green Economy) / Green Lifestyles, Forests, Sustainable Consumption and State of the Global Environment from the youth perspective.


3rd Zambian Children’s Climate Conference

Zambian Children's Climate Conference Logo

Organized by UNICEF Zambia and the Government of Zambia, the 3rd edition of the ZCCC will be  happening in Lusaka from the 22nd to the 26th of August 2011.

The ZCCC is designed to be a catalyst for action with a dynamic programme that combines interactive workshops and training sessions on climate adaptation and mitigation, HIV & AIDs prevention, communications, advocacy and project management, as well as group discussions, cultural performances and sports in order to provide a life changing experience that will inspire and empower all participants.

The next edition of the ZCCC will bring together 300 Climate Ambassadors coming from all the country’s provinces as well as international guest Climate Ambassadors, from partner countries.


OASIS KASWESHA – Community-led Development in Kenya

 This project was just held in Kariobangi South, Nairobi, Kenya from April 16th to 21st 2011. In partnership with Jane Nduku and an incredible team of young people from KASWESHA Housing Cooperative.

More information at


   “Tirando Acordos do Papel” (“Making Commitments Matter” in Portuguese). I was part of the team who led the
historical process of assessing, mapping and evaluating national youth policies in Brazil based on the United Nation’s Toolkit “Making Commitments Matter – a guide for young people to evaluate the national youth policy”. The evaluation was a unique tool to present evidence-based policy recommendations to the Brazilian government and created benchmarks on policy development that will allow us to track progress and keep the government accountable. The report was presented to the national government in 22nd April 2005, in Brasilia and submitted to the United Nations General Assembly. Currently the documents are showcased in the United Nations Youth Unit website (

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  1. This is lovely, As a climate change advocate for United Nations Youth Association of Zambia, I am very glad to see a lot of people getting involved with environmental issues especially one that would positively develop the Nation. It is my wish that one day i will be able to work with the Zam ambassador in advocating for climate justice.

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