The #VideoGame that can open people´s eyes for #SouthSudan

Nowadays more and more people are into games, specially video games.

But also, a lot of those are filled with violence, shooting, bombs, and people doesn´t really seem to think it´s a problem. But what happens when it becomes reality!?

Or more, what happens when reality takes over the video game?

In an effort to raise awareness of the situation of children in South Sudan, UNICEF embarked on an unusual kind of campaign.

They sent an actor, a film crew and two South Sudanese youth to a major video game convention in Washington, D.C., and we were given a keynote address slot to pitch an exciting new video game to an audience of gaming enthusiasts.

The gamers in the room were real, as were their reactions and the footage that UNICEF captured for this short film.

In 2014, disasters and crises have affected children in many parts of the world. In South Sudan, which only a few years ago celebrated its independence, food crisis and conflict during the past year have had deadly consequences for children.

Raising awareness is just one step toward helping the children of South Sudan, who are living every day in a life-or-death situation, and it is not a game.

Read more about the situation in South Sudan.

Some barefeet inspiration…

Continuing with my posts about the wonderful treasuries of Africa… I want to share a little inspiration from Zambia today.

In my two years working with UNICEF in that country, I had the incredible pleasure of coming across a series of special people, and learn a bit more about their work and passion, constantly feeling re-charged with inspiration to continue my own work.

Some of those people I’ve been luck to come across and meet were Adam McGuigan, Tobias TemboTaonga Tembo, Ndala Bukola, Felix Chali, Michael and John Chanda and others that are part of an amazing group called Barefeet Theater Company..

Barefeet started as a few workshops with children living on the streets of Zambia but along the years has grown into one of the most exciting and inspiring projects I’ve personally came across!

They use Arts (theater, music, dance, etc) to inspire, empower and transform lives in Zambia, working with street kids from across the country, trying to build their confidence, and enable them to express themselves and to engage in building a better community.

But as an image speaks for thousand words… I would like to invite you to loose your shoes, and enjoy a bit of barefeet inspiration!

I guess there is no doubts that Africa has many treasures to be discovered still, but more than anything, we definitely have lots and lots to learn from incredible people like the Zambian Barefeet team!

If you want to learn more about the project, check

3rd Zambian Children’s Climate Conference comes to an end!

Hey guys,

ZCCC3 - Staff and Youth Facilitators team

As you can see in this photo, I’m extremely happy and excited!

I’m just back from one of the most incredible experiences of my life… the 3rd Zambian Children’s Climate Conference that gathered nearly 300 children from all of Zambia’s nine provinces for a week long advocacy training on Climate Change and HIV&AIDs.

And as images speak more than a thousand words, I will cut the story short, you can see a glimpse of the magic week at the following links: 

You can also see some of the products created during the Conference.

Clips from the Digi-Tales workshops:

Podcasts from the Radio workshops:

ZCCC3 Closing Ceremony

UN Youth High-Level Meeting is on!!!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update.. I know I’ve been away and not keeping this up-to-date.. but things over the last few days have been super hectic. Thanks for the e-mails pushing for me to feel ashamed and update here!

I’m currently in NY, attending the United Nations Youth High-Level Meeting today and tomorrow.. and there is a lot of things going on around that.

I promise I will post something more detailed about it later.. But for now, while I’m heading down to the UN building to sort out accreditation issues..

I’m just want to invite whoever is around to come along for the two side-events I’m speaking today!

The first one is at 1:15-2:30 pm – @ Conference Room C, NLB: and is called: “How to mobilize youth globally to support the goals of Rio 2012 Summit?” organized by Peace Child International and TakingITGlobal.

And the second, is later on at 18:15-19:45 – @ Conference Room 7, NLB: and is called: “Intergenerational approaches to climate action: highlighting local solutions” organized by Earth Child Institute, UNICEF, UNEP, Brookings Institute and the WAGGGs.. where I will be sharing a bit about the experience with Unite 4 Climate Zambia!

And, later on today there will be the Latin American Youth Caucus at the Pod Hotel, at 8PM.

Papo de Homem!

Essa materia foi publicada no site: Papo de Homem! por Gustavo Gitti em 06/02/2011

Lembro bem de quando finalmente percebi que outros seres existem, vivem, sofrem, morrem. Tinha acabado de ver Uma Lição de Coragem, com Denzel Washington, um filme desses verídicos sobre violência escolar e um professor fodão que aparece para salvar o mundo. Atortoado depois da cena final, fui para a janela da sala olhar o céu e pensar em todos que naquele momento estavam confusos, insatisfeitos, tristes. Por longos instantes tive a motivação de dedicar a minha vida aos outros, mas no dia seguinte lá estava eu seguindo com visão estreita de novo, como qualquer moleque de 17 anos.

Qualquer, não. Nem todo moleque é assim. Muitos conseguem abrir os olhos e realmente sustentar essa visão bem antes. João Felipe Scarpelini é um desses caras.

Hoje, com 24 anos, ele é consultor em questões de juventude da ONU-HABITAT (Organização das Nações Unidas para Assentamentos Humanos) e trabalha com a UNICEF na Zâmbia, pelo programa de embaixadores climáticos, para capacitar adolescentes de 13 a 17 anos a desenvolver seus próprios projetos. No entanto, sua posição atual não é nada perto das histórias que já ajudou a construir.

João Felipe foi um dos palestrantes do TEDx Amazônia, ao lado de Lama Padma Samten, fundador do CEBB. Aproveitando esse encontro, convidamos Scarpelini para um bate-papo no CEBB SP.

Foi uma hora e meia de muitas histórias. Uma aula sobre empreendedorismo social, trabalho com sentido, dinâmica de ONGs, poder dos jovens, compaixão e todas essas coisas essenciais que não tem nome.

Para a materia na integra, veja: onde vc tambem pode encontrar na integra todos os videos do bate papo no CEBB SP.