It´s #WorldHumanitarianDay, and we must honour our #HumanitarianHeroes!


Today, August 19th is the World Humanitarian Day!

It is a day to honour the selfless dedication of humanitarian workers around the world, and remember those #HumanitarianHeroes whom we have lost in the line of duty.


People just like me, and you, that decided to dedicate their lifes to make this world a better place, and that end up putting their lifes at risk while trying to make a difference.

Attacks against humanitarians are on the rise. Over the past decade, the number of aid workers killed in attacks has tripled, passing 100 deaths a year. Syria, Afghanistan, and South Sudan now rank as the most dangerous countries for humanitarian staff.

 Enough is enough! #HumanitarianHeroes must be protected!


Happy 2014! Lots of Love, Purpose and Inspiration to all!


“Before you dedicate your life
to a person, a marriage, a family;
to a corporation, a political party, a peace campaign;
to a religion, a revolution, a spiritual path;
make one other dedication first.

First dedicate yourself to LOVE.
Decide to let Love be your
intention, your purpose, and your point.

And then let Love inspire you,
support you, and guide you
in every other dedication
you make thereafter.”

– Robert Holden


“Antes de dedicar sua vida
a uma pessoa, um casamento, uma família;
para uma empresa, um partido político, uma campanha de paz;
a uma religião, uma revolução, um caminho espiritual;
fazer uma outra dedicação primeiro.

Primeiro dedicar-se ao Amor.
Decidir que o Amor seja sua
intenção, o seu propósito, e sua razão

E, em seguida, deixar o Amor inspirá-lo,
apoiá-lo, e orientá-lo
em todas as outras coisas que precisam de sua dedicação depois disso. “

– Robert Holden

When god was a girl!

It’s Mother’s Day!

And while we are all happy celebrating with our lovely mothers around the world! (me too celebrating my luck of having a super mother that loves me and supports me!) I want to take the opportunity to call for some reflection about the role of women in our society when we are not celebrating women or mother’s day!

So, for the next few days I will be dedicating some posts on the issue.. and to kick off the 1st one! I want to question what is the role given to woman in modern organized religion!? Was it always like that!?

Do yourself a little favour, and invest some hours of your day in watching this BBC documentary led by historian Bettany Hughes.

Bettany goes back to the beginning of time and visits the world’s oldest religious site to find startling evidence that women were part of the very birth of organised religion.

She visits a world where goddesses ruled the heavens and earth, and reveals why our ancestors thought of the divine as female. Travelling across the Mediterranean and the Near East, Bettany goes to remote places, where she encounters fearsome goddesses who controlled life and death. And she ends up in modern-day India, where the goddess is still a powerful force for thousands of Hindus.

Immersing herself in the excitement of the Durga Puja festival, Bettany experiences goddess worship first-hand, and finds out what the goddess means to her devotees.

After this, just reflect the role we give to our girls and woman in our societies.. clearly somewhere along the evolutionary line.. something most have definitely gone wrong!

Worth thinking about it!


Rolou hoje em Brasília a audiência pública no Senado Federal para discutir a aprovação do Estatuto da Juventude!


Segundo Severine Macedo, Secretária Nacional de Juventude: “O Estatuto da Juventude foi pauta de debate e encaminhamento das conferências nacionais de juventude e é também pauta prioritária da SNJ e do Conjuve. Neste momento, vamos somar esforços com a sociedade civil, movimentos sociais e parlamentares para que o Estatuto seja aprovado ainda em 2013.


Sua aprovoção nos garantirá a definição dos direitos da juventude, suporte para o Sistema Nacional de Juventude, a Construção e retomada do debate do Plano Nacional de Juventude. Com isso, poderemos também identificar melhor a população Juvenil. A juventude brasileira não é só o futuro do país, mas o presente. Não podemos perder a oportunidade histórica de incluir com qualidade os mais de 50 milhões de jovens no desenvolvimento do nosso país.”

Alessandro Melchior, conselheiro do CONJUVE, defende a pauta…

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Never too young to make a difference!


On May 5, 2012, Vivienne Harr saw a picture of two child slaves with big rocks strapped to their little heads. She decided to “make a stand” against child slavery and sell her “lemon-aid” every day until she freed 500 child slaves. To date, she has raised over $60,000 and freed over 200 child slaves.

Vivienne is 8 years old.

This is her story.

To make a stand with Vivienne, please visit:

To this day – by Shane Koyczan


To This Day Project is a project based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan called “To This Day”, to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.

Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. We can give them a starting point… A message that will have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying.

Animators and motion artists brought their unique styles to 20 second segments that will thread into one fluid voice.

This collaborative volunteer effort will demonstrate what a community of caring individuals are capable of when they come together.

Tell the UN what your priorities for the #Post2015 are!!! #WorldWeWant2015


Have you already told the United Nations what your priorities are for the Post2015 Agenda?!!? Don’t miss out this opportunity to have your voice heard… go to and cast your vote!!!


Você já disse para a ONU quais são suas prioridades para o #Pós2015? Não perca a chance de fazer valer sua opinião! (agora em Português também!!!!)


¿Le has contado a las Naciones Unidas cuáles son tus prioridades para la Agenda #Post2015? Entra en y hazlo ya!


On ou Off? De que lado você esta?

O fim do ano está chegando… então vale a reflexão!

Texto: Deivison Pedroza – Presidente Verde Ghaia / Sócio-Diretor VG Bioenergia / Presidente Comitê Sustentabilidade do WTC-BH

Saiba mais sobre o autor no site: | CEo da Verde Ghaia e Presidente do Instituto Oksigeno. Uma História Real, de uma pessoa simples que começou ‘ do zero”, que vem conquistando seus proprios sonhos. Uma mensagem emocionante sobre a importancia da fé, dos Sonhos e de suas experiencias, não importa quais sejam.

Innovation, Inspiration and Development!

The third piece of the inspiring treasuries from Africa come from Sierra Leone,

Kelvin Doe (also known as DJ Focus) could be just another Sierra Leone kid, but rather, he was compelled to act by necessity and for the joy of solving practical problems. This 15-years old engineer scours the trash bins for spare parts of equipment and discarded consumer electronics, which he uses to build batteries, generators, transmitters and his very own radio station!

Completely self-taught, Kelvin has created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and plays music under the moniker, DJ Focus. He said the radio station is a powerful tool in which his community can discuss issues that matter to all. His radio station has a following, people text-in to the show and Kelvin reads their texts on-air. He also has several correspondents who cover various community events.

Kevin saw that off-the-shelf new batteries were far too expensive for the inventions he was working on, so he decided to make his own at home.

Kelvin has built his own battery to power his house and a generator to power his radio station’s amplifier and other components. The station’s 12-volt generator is made from a home-made battery which in turn is charged by broken DVD players. He has built generators for his neighbors to power their lights and charge their cell phones.In his spare time, Kelvin DJs at kids’ birthday parties.

Kelvin became the youngest person in history to be invited to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT.

You can learn more about Kelvin story at CNN’s website

Do something good, somewhere, for someone!

Every year on August 19th, World Humanitarian Day recognizes those who face danger and adversity to help others. August 19th is the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, which killed 22 people.

We honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and we pay tribute to those who continue to help people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are.Every day we see and hear images and stories of pain and suffering in our own neighborhoods and in countries far away. But we also find acts of kindness, great and small.

World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration of people helping people.

And to honor and celebrate this year’s WHD, Beyonce contributed her song to the launch of the campaign: “I was here!”

Please, join the campaign at


And be sure that everybody can leave this world a little better!
To read the full lyrics: BEYONCE – I WAS HERE LYRICS