A bit of inspiration to start the day! #WomenInspire

Meet Veronika, CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan, who empowers women to become more independent. #WomenInspire

To meet more inspiring women that are making a difference, check http://www.gap.com/onestitchcloser

The #VideoGame that can open people´s eyes for #SouthSudan

Nowadays more and more people are into games, specially video games.

But also, a lot of those are filled with violence, shooting, bombs, and people doesn´t really seem to think it´s a problem. But what happens when it becomes reality!?

Or more, what happens when reality takes over the video game?

In an effort to raise awareness of the situation of children in South Sudan, UNICEF embarked on an unusual kind of campaign.

They sent an actor, a film crew and two South Sudanese youth to a major video game convention in Washington, D.C., and we were given a keynote address slot to pitch an exciting new video game to an audience of gaming enthusiasts.

The gamers in the room were real, as were their reactions and the footage that UNICEF captured for this short film.

In 2014, disasters and crises have affected children in many parts of the world. In South Sudan, which only a few years ago celebrated its independence, food crisis and conflict during the past year have had deadly consequences for children.

Raising awareness is just one step toward helping the children of South Sudan, who are living every day in a life-or-death situation, and it is not a game.

Read more about the situation in South Sudan.

How education on the 21st century looks like?!

If you know me, you probably know I go on and on about the role young people play (or should play) in deciding their own lives. While many agree we need to empower our youth, very little are ready to create the space and the opportunity for young people to take ownership over different aspects of their own lives.

In many previous posts, I’ve talked about youth-led development.. which is the idea of young people becoming equal partners in development processes that will shape their communities and consequently their lives…

But today I want to bring a question about youth-led education… Have you thought about what could happen if students would design their own schools!?

Sounds weird!? Maybe you should have a look at this!

“Education is not the filling of a pail, it’s the lightening of a fire!”

If you want to learn more about the project, and engage with other people trying to re-think education, make sure you connect at https://www.facebook.com/groups/independentproject/

A real história das coisas!

Já a bastante tempo eu queria ter postado esses vídeos aqui, e finalmente ficou pronta a versão deles português para poder postar!

Com vocês, a história das coisas!

Esse vídeo é um “abridor de olhos” para muita gente….

E aproveitando o gancho do filme, que falou sobre a obsolescência planejada, a uns tempos atrás, durante o super festival Setembro Verda da Matilha Cultural tive a oportunidade de assistir um filme sobre a Conspiração da Lâmpada, que também acho super importante de conhecer…

E depois de tudo isso, você ainda sente que precisa mesmo daquele novo celular?!

Fala sério!

Some barefeet inspiration…

Continuing with my posts about the wonderful treasuries of Africa… I want to share a little inspiration from Zambia today.

In my two years working with UNICEF in that country, I had the incredible pleasure of coming across a series of special people, and learn a bit more about their work and passion, constantly feeling re-charged with inspiration to continue my own work.

Some of those people I’ve been luck to come across and meet were Adam McGuigan, Tobias TemboTaonga Tembo, Ndala Bukola, Felix Chali, Michael and John Chanda and others that are part of an amazing group called Barefeet Theater Company..

Barefeet started as a few workshops with children living on the streets of Zambia but along the years has grown into one of the most exciting and inspiring projects I’ve personally came across!

They use Arts (theater, music, dance, etc) to inspire, empower and transform lives in Zambia, working with street kids from across the country, trying to build their confidence, and enable them to express themselves and to engage in building a better community.

But as an image speaks for thousand words… I would like to invite you to loose your shoes, and enjoy a bit of barefeet inspiration!

I guess there is no doubts that Africa has many treasures to be discovered still, but more than anything, we definitely have lots and lots to learn from incredible people like the Zambian Barefeet team!

If you want to learn more about the project, check http://www.barefeettheatre.org/

Vem construir um Brasil melhor você também!

De 29 de outubro a 5 de dezembro, todos os brasileiros podem levar propostas para que o Brasil construa um plano de ação para a Parceria para Governo Aberto (Open Government Partnership – OGP, em inglês), iniciativa internacional criada para garantir que os governos assumam compromissos concretos para promoção de transparência, capacitação, combate a corrupção e utilização de novas tecnologias para fortalecimento da governança.

O Diálogo Virtual OGP será realizado no ambiente E-democracia, da Câmara dos Deputados.

Nesse período, qualquer cidadão brasileiro pode contribuir com a criação de propostas de compromissos para o novo Plano de Ação do Brasil.

Então bora lá galera: http://edemocracia.camara.gov.br

Hunger Delivery – Because the way to a someone’s heart is through his/her stomach!

[EN] “Only when you are hungry, you understand hunger!”

Food Bank Foundation knows that the best way to someone’s heart is through his/her stomach so they partner with 2 of the most important pizza places in Asunción, Paraguay and decided to innovate with this campaign to raise awareness about the fact that many people and specially children go to bed hungry everyday.

When the pizza was delivered much later than expected on that Friday night, clients found the message: when you’re hungry, you understand hunger. This pizza is free so you can contribute what you can to help the national food campaign.

Well done Food Bank Foundation for the creativity and the inspiration!!!

(worth checking also another great example of creativity applied for a good cause: https://joaofelipescarpelini.com/2012/04/13/organdonation/)

——————————————————————————————————————–[PT] Fome Delivery – Porque o caminho para o coração de alguém é pelo estômago!

“Só quando se tem fome, se entende a fome!”

A Fundação Banco de Alimentos sabe que o melhor caminho para o coração de alguém é pelo estômago, por isso decidiu se unir a duas das principais pizzarias de Asunción no Paraguay para inovar nessa campanha de conscientização sobre o problema da fome!

Quando a pizza foi entregue, bem depois do esperado na sexta feira da ação, os clientes encontraram nas pizzas a seguinte mensagem: quando você tem fome, entende a fome! Esta pizza é grátis, assim você pode contribuir para nossa campanha nacional de arrecadação de alimentos.

Parabéns a toda a equipe da Fundação Banco de Alimentos pela criatividade e inspiração!!!

(Também vale a pena conferir outro exemplo de criatividade por uma boa causa: https://joaofelipescarpelini.com/2012/04/13/organdonation/)

Post 2015 – Opportunity to shape the world we want!

The MDGs deadline is around the clock, and the debate on what’s next is at full speed! You should also be part of this debate, and help in shaping the Post 2015 agenda!!! Worth checking out the video:

So you can learn more about the role of children  and youth in this process, the importance of ensuring a much stronger rights perspective to the discussion and the goals, as well as to understand the different ways you can get involved!

The debate is only starting and really, it’s crucial that we all join this process and help to build the world we want!

Also super worth checking http://www.worldwewant2015.org/and http://beyond2015.org/ to join the debate!!!

Link loving!

Some good/interesting articles, blogs and things I’ve came across… and would hopefully also make you think!

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Would you be okay if you were the one in this waiting line?

Using creativity to foster change! That’s really the way to go!

Parabéns Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo e Ambient, pela campanha incrível!

Sem dúvida precisamos usar mais ações criativas como essa para conseguir gerar consciência e transformação!

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