A tree dies.. and a nation wakes up!


If you are still not convinced that people getting together to use non-violence as a tool to challenge those in power, I would say it’s worth listening in to http://capulcular.bandcamp.com/album/apulcu-ark-lar to get inspired with the incredible work of different Turkish artists and people that turned violence and oppression into music, beauty and passion!

I’m incredible grateful to be standing shoulder to shoulder with my friends in Turkey in solidarity for their struggle.. the last days have been hectic but filled with inspiration, and incredible demonstrations of kindness and strengthen…

Many small things really make ur eyes tear up, moments like when the people applaude each other in the metros as the “changing of guards”: the people getting on the train are clapping for the people arriving who will continue the occupation, and the people arriving applaud the people leaving, for their contribution been there earlier. The rival soccer supporters uniting peacefully and supporting each other in holding barricades, the taxi blockade in Ankara, the brave bus driver that used his own bus to blockade police attack against his people here in Istanbul, or even the most silent demonstrations of support, with shop owners putting their tables and chairs back on the streets (which was forbidden by law) to challenge the government’s rule.

Some photos of things I’m seeing, I’m keeping at my album:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151633460775100.1073741828.500405099&type=1&l=793e2512d6

I don’t even need to mention how powerful is to experience Gezi Park, and to walk in between crowds of people from all paths of life and ideologies peacefully trying to resist and stand up for what is right! Turks, kurds, armenians, nationalists, soccer fans, gays, lesbians, transgender, muslin, catholic, jews, atheists, students, professors, professionals from all fields and ages… Gezi Park is one.. and I must say, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

As it was written in a poster at Gezi Park: first they were “terrorists”, than they were “activists”, than they became “people” and than they won.

Resist Turkey.. we are ALL Gezi Park!

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