1 Minute to Save My City!

The theme of World Habitat Day 2011 is Cities and Climate Change.

Share your thoughts on your city and climate change, send us a video or photo. The 1 minute to save my city campaign gives you an opportunity to answer these critical questions on your city and climate change:

• How is my city contributing to climate change?
• How is climate change affecting my city?
• How can I help my city stop climate change?
• How can my city mitigate and adapt to climate change?


1. Submit a maximum of three photos, or make a video on climate change.
2. The video, a film, clip or recording should not be more than 60 seconds. Upload your video to your YouTube channel and name your video “1minutetosavemycity“.
3. The photo can be in jpg, pdf or gif format. Upload the photo(s) online directly or to a Flickr account, YouSendIt, or other website, and name your photo or folder “1minutetosavemycity“.
4. After uploading your video or photo and naming it, fill in the Submit Your Entry form. Please include a short description of your climate change film or photo (maximum 50 words) and remember to include the YouTube, Flickr,YouSendIt or other website URL link to your video or photo in the form.
5. The deadline for submission is 23 September 2011.
6. Winners will get a World Habitat Day 2011, Cities and Climate Change t-shirt, and their photo or video will be published on UN-HABITAT and Urban Gateway websites.

For additional information, please contact whd@unhabitat.org
Terms and Conditions

1. Your photo and video must be about climate change. The video must be no more than 60 seconds long
2. Your must have made your video or taken the photo yourself (or in your entry team).
3. The competition is open to anyone, anywhere.
4. Do not use any music, sound or pictures that you have not created without the permission of the copyright owner.
5. Your film should only feature people who have consented to appear in the work.
6. Your film must not contain any obscene, unlawful or objectionable material.
7. Submit your entry electronically using the Submit Your Entry Form.

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