A question of perspective (UK Aid review)

Recently the UK Aid has been reviewed which created some noise in the international development field.

Quite a lot of British people do believe the UK has a lot of internal problems, and therefore should invest less abroad, to concentrate their wealth in sorting out their own problems first…

Well, ONE went out on the streets to talk to people about UK International Aid, and turns out it’s not as much money as some think.

Watch the really awesome clip, and share it among your networks!

1 thought on “A question of perspective (UK Aid review)

  1. It is commendable that the UK will attempt to provide aid in times of own economic debt. But as the ODI has suggested, aid volumes is just a small fraction of the picture. And as I say, the larger you give doesnt mean the better the development–http://ipeanddevelopment.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/0-7-0-07-7-the-lure-and-wonder-over-how-much-aid-countries-should-give

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