Help me to create an application to enable communities to become more Resilient!

Hey guys,

The post today comes with a very special favour I have to ask!

Today is the last day to vote, and I need your help!!!!

I’m taking part in Nokia’s new initiative:

The IdeasProject is an online community for everybody from all around the world to  brainstorm. It is basically a collaborative platform which allows a two-way exchange of ideas between users and  developers.

As the Nokia team explains: “IdeasProject  is founded on philosophy of democratized innovation. We believe that  users are  able to innovate products and services for themselves and  that user-centered innovation

offers great advantages over the  manufacturer-centric  innovation development systems that have been the  mainstay of commerce  for hundreds of years. Users that innovate can  develop exactly what they  want,


rather than relying on manufacturers to  act as their, often very  imperfect, agents. Moreover, individual users  do not have to develop  everything they need on their own: they can  benefit from innovations developed and freely shared by others, which  leads us to open innovation, another principle of IdeasProject.

Open  innovation encourages companies to embrace ideas from outside to   strengthen the viability of its products in the market. Users like we   and you are sharing ideas with different players like companies,   developers, experts, NGO’s and all who can help in realization of ideas.  By  the same token, ideas developed within the company that are not  being  used should be shared freely with the public, e.g. with  application  developers and start-ups.

The first Nokia challenge, is themed: “Apps for Change – Mobile applications can entertain us, connect us, or make us more productive. But can an application truly change the world?” – And people from around the world (including myself!) took this opportunity to suggest Application ideas that can have a positive impact on people and the planet.

My idea is called Resilient Communities, and is basically an idea for a easy to use mobile application which will enable people to map their own communities specially looking into areas that are risky or vulnerable to disasters, as well as to identify scape routes, safe shelters, etc.

You can learn more about my application idea at

So far, my idea was checked out by over 1800 people… but although I get e-mails and facebook messages talking about it and commenting on the idea, MOST people are giving up during the registration process, and therefore not voting 😦

And yes, I know it’s very complex the registration process, and time consuming.. but I would really appreciate if you guys can take the time to actually register and “like” my idea.

The winning idea will become an actual application developed by Nokia, which will be available and hopefully will have a big impact for communities which are vulnerable to disasters. Also a U$10.000 prize for a charity is involved!

So please, if you can, take the time and:

1- Go to

2- Click at “Login” on the top-right side of the screen

3- If you don’t have an account yet, REGISTER (I know it’s a pain, but it’s necessary! You can also just log in with your Facebook account!)

4- Once the entire process of registration is done (should take no more than 5min)

5- Go to my idea: “Resilient Communities” (also in this link: and LIKE IT.

That’s all… should take no more than 10 min and you will be giving me a super help!!!

Just an important note, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR VOTING!!!!!

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